Virtual solar advisor

Optimize the operation of technical installations

With dedicated measurement points on ventilation and cooling systems, server rooms, lighting, etc., the task of ensuring the efficient operation of technical installations quickly becomes overwhelming. Ento’s artificial intelligence does the manual and time-consuming analysis for you:

  • Automated assessment of potential energy improvements for each type of installation
  • Intelligent monitoring of consumption for each installation
  • Focus on installations where energy savings are greatest

With Ento’s artificial intelligence you get a digital energy assistant that helps you reach your goals faster.

Let artificial intelligence analyze your technical installations

Our customers and partners save time and money by analyzing their systems with artificial intelligence. Some systems have many thousands of measurement points, making it impossible to prioritize which installations need to be optimized. Our artificial intelligence is trained by professionals who have manually analyzed consumption data to suggest improved operations. We have digitalized this knowledge so that thousands of installations can be analyzed in real time.

Below are three practical examples that show how artificial intelligence contributes to quick action and easy savings.

Reduce uptime of ventilation systems

Enable time-controlled lighting

Set up free cooling in server rooms

…and there are many more examples! Contact us to learn more about your options for using Ento’s artificial intelligence for your own energy optimization projects.

Developed with our partners

Together with our partners, we have tailored our artificial intelligence to analyze all types of technical installations – allowing us to automatically suggest energy improvement measures customized to your needs.

Identify potential optimization opportunities for your own installations

For each consumption metering point loaded on our platform, we tell the artificial intelligence which technical installation is being metered. The artificial intelligence “understands” how to optimally operate that type of installation, and tailored suggestions for operational optimization can therefore be provided automatically. This is based on the energy consumption of the individual system. For example, see how a cooling unit can be optimized with the following measures:

  • Setting operating hours to match real needs
  • Setting comfort cooling setpoints
  • Automated identification of inefficient cooling compared to similar systems

Energy savings can be adjusted by the user

Our artificial intelligence automatically suggests energy improvements and calculates the annual savings potential. However, there may be reasons why certain technical installations cannot be optimized as proposed. In these cases, it is possible to adjust the potential to match the users’ expecations.

Do you also want to quickly determine your potential savings on technical installations?

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