Increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions with Artificial Intelligence

The monitors consumption data to continuously present insights and recommend actions that help you lower costs, reduce emisions, and be a leader in social responsibility.

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Energy Accounting and Reporting

Get a detailed overview of your energy consumption and discover valuable patterns. Generate reports to support organizational and regulatory requirements for environmental responsibility.

Real-time Auditing and Alerting

Get notified if your consumption is higher than usual, and dig into specific time periods to gain insights that can help you lower energy costs and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Recommended Improvements and Investments

The simulates and forecasts your consumption in order to recommend specific energy efficiency initiatives based on environmental impact, payback-time and return on investment.

Control System Automation

Integrate internal energy control systems to allow real-time recommendations for optimized consumption. Full automation can be enabled for high-confidence models, following all safety and optimization contraints defined by you.

Assess risks in a changing climate

Based on your exact consumption profile from our analysis, we can assess the risks you face in a changing climate. We use a range of state-of-the-art climate models for near and long-term forecasting, so your organisation can plan accordingly.

Mission: Fight Climate Change with AI

The climate is changing rapidly due to human activities, and action is needed at every level of society. The goal of is to join the fight, supporting relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals along the way!

We're a team of researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs from machine learning, energy, and astrophysics building AI systems with real-world impact.

If you agree that fighting climate change is important and you think you can help in our quest, please don't hesitate to reach out!