Optimize electricity consumption

Ento’s virtual energy advisors now monitor more than 6,000 public and commercial buildings: which corresponds to approx. 3% of Denmark’s total electricity consumption. The benefits include:

  • Find automatic energy savings
  • Get notified when there are fluctuations in consumption
  • Focus on buildings where the savings are greatest

Our virtual energy advisor works for you, and it’s free to get started.

Optimize electricity consumption with our virtual energy advisor

No more cumbersome work flows and acting blindly; when working with energy optimization. You now have access to the electricity consumption of your buildings and can respond daily to any fluctuations or reports of any improvements.
  • Automatic identification of energy waste and poor operation
  • Identify inefficient ventilation and cooling (HVAC)
  • Analyzes and benchmark buildings’ climate screen
  • Intelligent monitoring of solar cell production
  • Continuous monitoring that ensures that the budget is kept
  • Documentation of energy savings
  • Automatic calculation of repayment: climate efforts can easily be prioritized!
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Consumption data and key figures have now become much easier to see

If you have previously looked at consumption graphs and calculated key figures for energy consumption in an Excel sheet, you know that it quickly becomes a complicated task associated with great uncertainty. All buildings have different locations, technical installations, etc. E.g. the impact of outdoor temperature on energy consumption can be significantly different between two buildings; that are otherwise similar.

We had been looking for a system like this that provided value from the start. Ento Labs’ system focuses on possible actions to improve the energy of our buildings rather than just reading and collecting data – and that makes a big difference!

Henrik Schneller
Facility Manager

Artificial intelligence gets smarter over time

We do things a little differently than more traditional systems, as we use artificial intelligence to understand the consumption in every building. In other words, our system gets to know the individual building over time: This means that our virtual energy consultant automatically takes into account how each building will be affected by external factors, such as opening hours, weather and calendar conditions.

In addition, building technical knowledge from the entire network of buildings on our platform is used to provide tailor-made proposals for energy savings. Insights are presented in a way; so that building and energy managers can use the time efficiently to reduce consumption.

Do you want to hear more on how our artificial intelligence energy advisor can support your building performance?

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