Optimize the operation of district heating installations

It can quickly become unmanageable to analyze district heating consumption manually. Ento’s virtual energy advisor gives you an overview.

  • Automatic calculation of energy improvements
  • Intelligent consumption monitoring
  • Focus on installations where the savings is highest

Our virtual energy consultant works for you, and it’s free to get started.

Optimize the operation of your district heating installations with actionable insights

District heating installations in buildings can be optimized in several ways. If you have multiple buildings in your portfolio, it quickly becomes unmanageable to analyze consumption manually. Our virtual energy advisor provides the overview so you your efforts.

  • Automatic calculation and ranking of incentive fees
  • Identification of buildings with inefficient heating
  • Optimize time management of district heating
  • Continuous monitoring that ensuring the budget
  • Documentation of total energy savings
  • Automatic calculation of return on investment so the climate efforts can easily be prioritized!

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Your energy savings is our goal!

Manual analysis of energy consumption data is cumbersome. Each building is unique in use, location and technical installations. This affects how buildings consume energy and how they’re affected by external factors such as weather. By using artificial intelligence, we’re able to turn all that data into actionable insights – helping building owners and energy professionals save energy the smart way.

The virtual energy consultant gets smarter over time

We do things differently than more traditional systems as we use artificial intelligence to understand the consumption of every single building. In other words, the virtual energy consultant gets to know the individual building over time; This means that how each building is affected by external factors is automatically taken into account, such as opening hours, weather and calendar conditions.

Additionally, we benchmark all buildings on our platform to provide tailor-made proposals for energy savings. Insights are presented in a way so building and energy managers can use the time efficiently to reduce consumption.

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