Energy optimization of public buildings

A rapidly growing number of public building owners use our virtual energy advisor.

Municipalities and public buildings achieve massive energy savings through the use of the virtual energy advisor

We focus on buildings with the highest saving potential and automatically rank them from highest potential and down. This way, asset managers can focus their workload where the saving potential is greatest. You can integrate multiple energy sources and document consumption and savings within each application.

With over 3,000 public buildings on our platform, we automatically identify schools, daycare centres, nursing homes and administration buildings that use a disproportionate amount of energy. We work closely with energy managers, facility managers and operators in public organizations. Based on the results of the analyses, we implement and document energy savings together.

Credit: By ClausFalk – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Intelligent consumption analysis and benchmarking create documented results.

Integration of relevant energy sources

We normally start by integrating electricity consumption data. Sometimes, this is available via a public datahub. When buildings are registered, we collect other building data from publicly available sources such as trade registers, VAT  information etc. This way, energy and facility managers can quickly get an overview of the platform’s possibilities and initiate concrete initiatives. Subsequently, we look at other relevant data sources – e.g. district heating and water.

Identify energy savings automatically

We use advanced algorithms that take various factors that we know affect the energy consumption of public buildings into account. One example is weather data, but also opening hours, holiday closures etc. Because the system knows and understands these impacts, it can automatically identify assets that are not operating optimally – e.g. due to increased baseload consumption or photovoltaic systems not producing the amount of power they should.

Document the climate effort

Our public sector customers need to be able to document the efforts made to achieve an energy-efficient operation of their property portfolio. Our platform therefore supports energy optimization and efficiency projects, which can be verified and documented on the Ento platform. We base data on the actual consumption, so the energy savings are measured based on the actual consumption rather than a theoretical figure.

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