Find out how to save energy in public buildings

Cities and municipalities identify energy savings with artificial intelligence

At Ento Labs, we work with cities and municipalities to reduce energy consumption in public buildings with the help of artificial intelligence.

The advantages of Ento Labs are obvious:

  • Potential energy savings are identified automatically
  • 24 hours after setup, energy managers can focus their efforts on buildings with the greatest potential for savings
  • Document and verify ongoing improvements

Ento Labs offers free energy audits* of public buildings
Together we can reduce both energy waste and costs!

*Gratis digitalt energitjek tilbydes til den offentlige sektor i en kortere periode. Læs mere her.

We understand the importance of identifying possible savings quickly!

We’ve streamlined the process of getting started with data-driven energy management. That’s why we can show you the first potential energy savings just 24 hours after setup – and then we’ll help you to achieve the first savings!


1. Signup and data integration

The setup takes just 5 minutes and consists of two steps:

  1. Sign up to Ento Labs for free.
  2. Allow access to your consumption data.

2. Analysis of consumption data

Your buildings’ consumption data is analyzed together with other relevant data, such as weather and building data. We’ll have your analysis ready within 24 hours.

    3. Presentation of potentials

    24 hours after submitting the data, you will receive your screening report by email, including an overview of the biggest possible energy savings.

      4. Implement improvements

      With the screening report as a base, you can plan and initiate measures. We rank the savings according to the biggest financial gain.

        5. Documentation and verification

        When you register actions taken on our platform, we montitor if consumption decreases. We are here to help you realize your energy savings.

          We’ll get you started

          From setup to the first confirmed energy savings

          As an Ento Labs user, you and your colleagues always have access to our Helpdesk. However, we know that the first few weeks with a new IT system can be overwhelming, so we have created a tailored program to ensure you get off to a good start. We help with proper building registration until the first savings are confirmed – together we reduce energy waste and costs!

          Energy crisis puts pressure on society to act fast

          Due to the ongoing energy crisis, municipalities are forced to reduce consumption. There is talk of turning off street lights, shutting down swimming pools, and turning down the heat in various office buildings in order to reduce consumption by 10% – 30%.

          Identify where energy is wasted and see results within weeks!

          Since Ento’s artificial intelligence automatically analyzes the buildings’ consumption data, it is a helpful addition to your daily work life. You prioritize which actions to take first and by documenting your work, our AI verifies each measure taken. Within weeks, you’ll see the impact of your work – and you can share the results with the rest of your organisation.

          Ento Labs collects all relevant building data while the artificial intelligence automatically identifies potential energy savings.

          Once we have received your consumption data, all relevant building data is collected, including external data that impacts consumption, for instance, behavioural and weather data. Next, our artificial intelligence starts to “understand” the vast amount of information. Within 24 hours, our AI will provide you with a prioritized list of properties where most energy can be saved.

          Ento Labs’ artificial intelligence is your virtual energy advisor that provides you with an overview and helps identify energy savings. You also have access to our Helpdesk, where you can review data as well as your potential energy savings.

          “It’s great that the analysis and data processing now takes up so little of our time, so we can instead focus our energy on the buildings itself. Time is spent on what creates value.”

          Thøger Niels Pørtner | Project leader team Fælles Ejendomscenter

          Holstebro Municipality

          “The whole project has surpassed all expectations. Of course, working with the new digital tools has taken some getting used to, but everyone involved has really embraced the changes.”

          Dennis Sonne Mogensen | Project leader team Ejendom

          Hørsholm Municipality

          Want us to help you with optimizing your energy consumption?

          Would you like to know more about how we can help optimize energy consumption in public buildings? You can always call us on +45 3939 3118 or click below to sign up for a free, no-obligation demonstration of our solution.

          Intelligent consumption analysis and benchmarking generate proven results

          Integration of relevant energy sources

          We always integrate electricity consumption data first, followed by publicly avialable data that can impact the buildings’ energy use. This is done so that energy managers and facility managers can quickly get an overview of the platform’s capabilities and the initiatives that can be implemented. Afterwards, we will jointly review other relevant data sources – for example district heating and water consumption.

          Automatically identify energy savings

          We use smart algorithms that take into account factors we know affect energy consumption in public buildings. These include temperature and humidity, but also specific periods like holiday closures. Because the system knows these influences, it can automatically identify buildings that aren’t operating at optimum levels – for example, due to increased baseload consumption or solar panels that aren’t producing the amount of power they should.

          Document your climate efforts

          It is important for our customers from the public sector to be able to document the efforts made to achieve energy-efficient operation of their property portfolio. Therefore, our platform supports the documentation of technical initiatives as well as major refurbishment and renovation projects. We take real consumption as our starting point, so energy savings are measured on actual consumption, rather than estimating savings.

          Do you have questions or would you like to know more about Ento Labs?

          We are here to help you and will be happy to give you a free demo of our platform. Contact Christian or write to us and we will get back to you.

          Christian Kragelund-Leer
          Energy Optimization Expert Mobile: +45 3939 3118


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