Virtual Energy Advisor

Energy optimization with artificial intelligence gives you deeper insight into the energy consumption; of your buildings. We call the solution a Virtual Energy Advisor because the digital assistant helps you save on energy consumption!

  • Reduce costs and achieve lower CO2 emissions
  • Save time – we will notify you when something changes
  • Focus on buildings where the potential is greatest

No purchase of hardware! We use meters you have – get started today!

Why use artificial intelligence for energy optimization?

Using our virtual energy consultant, you achieve the following benefits when working with energy optimization.


Prioritize your efforts after the best payback.

Reduce costs

Improve the bottom line and invest in more savings.

Lower emissions

Contribute to the sustainable energy transition.

Save time

Spend your time on improvements, not looking at data.

Document efforts

Verify and communicate your work and reap the fruits.

Rest assured

We will let you know when something needs your attention.

Our virtual energy advisor is already helping building owners cut down on their consumption.


Buildings in the network

+1000 GWh

Annual consumption monitored

+3000 MWh

Annual savings implemented

+600 tons

Annual CO2E savings

Can we help you with your energy optimization?

We can help you start saving energy consumption tomorrow. Click below and get a demo!

How does it work?

With our virtual energy advisor, the system works for you. All you have to do is give access to your data. See below how it goes.

1. Data integration

Provide access to all electricity consumption via public hubs.

2. Data getting analysed

Consumption data are getting analyzed by artificial intelligence.

3. Improvements identified

Presenting our findings at a meeting (approximately 45 minutes).

4. Implement improvements

Proposed energy optimizations are getting implemented.

5. Verification & documentation

The system verifies and documents the savings in an easy-to-understand way.

Are you interested in seeing your building performance data in action? We will be happy to help – please book a demo below 👇

Do you want to hear more on how our artificial intelligence energy advisor can support your building performance?

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