Virtual Solar PV Advisor

Intelligent monitoring of your solar panels!

You can use Ento’s Virtual Solar PV Advisor to monitor your photovoltaic system – without new meters!

  • Monitoring with main meter data
  • No purchase of new hardware needed
  • Get notifications if the solar PV performance is too low

Gain insights on your panels without buying expensive hardware or manual analysis of your consumption.

Let artificial intelligence monitor your photovoltaic system

The use of artificial intelligence for monitoring photovoltaic systems lets building owners and energy managers plain their maintenance better.

We can monitor a photovoltaic system without dedicated production meters. If you already have dedicated metering infrastructure, we can analyse that too.

Gain insight into important parameters

Installation capacity

What effect the system can provide at optimal conditions.

Total production

The sum of the electricity produced on-site.

Excess production

The amount of surplus power that is exported to the grid.

Maximum power achieved

Get to know whether the photovoltaic system achieves the maximum performance determined by capacity.


How much of the electricity consumption in the building that is covered by the photovoltaic system.

Your own consumption

See how much of the electricity produced that is used on-site versus what is supplied to the grid.

You save time and resources with AI-powered solar system inspection

It is both time-consuming and resource-intensive to maintain and operate a solar system. Usually inspections are done manually and without much insight into where the focus should be at the next physical inspection.

With AI-powered solar system inspection, you can identify defective panels and inverters solely on the production data the system provides. This leads to better maintenance, by ensuring panels are producing well at all times.

See potential optimization options

Our Virtual Solar PV advisor constantly monitors your consumption and via smart algorithms it continuously measures the effect and when potential improvements are detected.

Get insights:

  • Which photovoltaic systems can be optimized
  • The expected costs of improvements
  • Return of investment calculation

AI gives you new optimization insights for your portfolio of photovoltaics

Do you wish to take a closer look at possible optimizations and possibly expand your photovoltaic system with more panels? You can easily enter different parameters into our Solar PV advisor and immediately see an estimate of the costs and the return of investment. The advisor calculates how much extra electricity you will produce and relate it to your total consumption. 

Do you want to hear more on how our artificial intelligence Solar PV advisor can support your solar system?

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