Reduce energy waste in retail stores

Leading retail chains use the virtual energy consultant to optimize the energy of the individual locations.

Reduce operating costs across your building portfolio

Reduce energy consumption inside and outside opening hours where it has the greatest effect and document the savings.

Understand how your stores, branches and other buildings perform during and outside opening hours and how optimizing the energy consumption can be accomplished.

The technical installations in many offices and retail stores are often not configured correctly. Savings of 10-50% can be achieved by simply setting up building automation and technical systems correctly – if you know where to look. Documentation of energy savings is good for the environment, the bottom line and the CSR report.

Examples of retail chains that are already experiencing considerable energy savings with Ento’s virtual energy advisor:



Read about Arbejdernes Landsbank and how they saved 16% of electricity consumption with artificial intelligence.

Save energy and document efforts

Easy integration of data

Where possible, we integrate into data sources you already have. It is easily done for electricity in Denmark using the company NemID. Please contact us for further information about how to connect data in other countries.

Use external professionals or do-it-yourself

Many larger companies employ energy professionals who can carry out energy improvements themselves. But often, external technicians and consultants are also used. Invite them to the platform for free, so you can work together to prioritize energy improvements and reduce CO2 emissions.

Document the effort

It is good business to know exactly what you are paying for. Therefore, we support advanced documentation of energy savings, measured on the actual energy consumption, verified by our algorithms. We use technical terms and convert savings into financial value and CO2. The results can be used across the organization.

Do you want to hear more on how our artificial intelligence energy advisor can support your building performance?

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