Energy optimization of manufactoring and production

Several companies in industry and production use Ento’s virtual energy consultant for energy optimization.

Optimize energy usage in the day-to-day operation and the individual machines

Combine energy consumption data, own data sources, and production figures to analyze how your machines perform. Understand where to reduce downtime consumption and effort can be made in complex processes. All of this is often available with data already collected in other systems.

When working with industrial and manufacturing companies, it is often necessary to import internal data sources to create valuable analyzes of energy consumption. Our data and analysis platform is designed to handle this type of data and supports standard protocols, such as API and SFTP, and in some simple cases, uploads of data.

We work with some of the largest industrial companies in Denmark.

Tailor-made analyzes create a digital transformation of industrial companies

Integrate your data on our platform

Our platform can handle metadata and time series data in varying resolution and quality data. We are specialists in going from idea to prototype and subsequently creating an environment; that can be put into production.

Reduce downtime consumption in complex processes

For manufacturing companies and advanced buildings, including internal data to understand what drives energy consumption can make a great value. Just as buildings are affected by the weather, the number of units produced can explain the production operations. You can, therefore, use our standard algorithms or develop new ones in collaboration with us.

Tailor-made analyzes for your specific needs

Just as we have algorithms that “understand” how electricity consumption, solar cell production, and district heating data; should be analyzed, we can make tailor-made algorithms according to your needs. We are specialists in data analysis with artificial intelligence. Usually, we say that all data that comes in time series can be analyzed on our platform in collaboration with those who have the need.

Do you want to hear more on how our artificial intelligence energy advisor can support your building performance?

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