A tools for the most ambitious Energy professionals

Better advice and service for your customers

Advanced energy consumption analysis helps energy professionals with much of the initial work. This leads to better customer relationships and documented energy savings faster.

We help consultants, technicians, and installers provide more value to their customers. Smaller building owners often do not have the resources to implement energy savings internally. Energy managers and technicians can offer help on our platform. Many advisors get in touch with us because one or more of their clients is starting to use our solution.

Energy service companies that use our platform to provide value for their customers

Our platform creates long-term collaboration between professionals and building owners

 Easy access to consumption analyzes

Building owners can, with a few clicks, invite energy professionals they trust to use our platform. Contact us if you as a professional want to use our platform on behalf of potential or new customers in your business – then we will find a solution.

Automatically identify energy savings

Our platform use intelligent algorithms for every single building, while taking account what affects energy consumption for each building. Because the system knows these factors impacts the energy consumption, it can automatically identify buildings that are not performing well. Energy professionals use these insights to create noticeable and measurable energy savings for their customers.

Strategic collaboration with ongoing monitoring

We connect to databases that continuously send us energy consumption data. As a professional, this gives you two primary advantages: you can document the energy savings you make for your customer in actual consumption and receive a notification if consumption increases in the future. This way, you can create a transparent and long-term strategic collaboration with the building owner.

Do you want to hear more on how our energy advisor can support your professional services?

Our consultants help building owners optimize energy consumption in buildings. You can call +45 3939 3118 or E-mail contact@ento.ai. You are also welcome to fill out the form below – and we will contact you within a day.