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Connecting our energy data with your business intelligence

Want to share your energy data outside our platform? At Ento Labs, our mission is to transform energy consumption data into understandable and actionable insights that help you prioritize your energy efficiency efforts.

With Ento’s BI connection, we got you covered!

Business intelligence and Ento Labs data

Business intelligence, also known as BI, is being used more and more worldwide. BI brings essential insights to leaders in real-time, which gives the benefit of reacting quickly if there are sudden changes in the data regarding daily operations or if they are behind their overall business goals.

Here are some metrics that you can use with our BI feed

Number of sites

Building categories (top 10)

Number of meters

Total of m2 covered

Annual energy use (MWh, total costs, tC02e)

Total savings verified

List of buildings with the most significant savings potential

The energy performance score

Show baseload data for a single building

Latest verified savings

We’re continuing to increase the data available in our BI connection and would love to hear about any needs that are not yet covered. If you want to talk about your BI needs click below and fill out the form, we will get back to you.

Share insights from Ento’s powerful AI with important stakeholders

As you know, Ento’s AI cuts through the massive consumption data from your buildings, bringing great insights on how your buildings are performing. It’s important to share and enlighten stakeholders and collaborators inside and outside your organization with this data, so they can take part in your energy efforts and urge them to be part of the company’s energy goals.

Present your data with Business Intelligence platforms

Ento’s BI connection works with Microsoft Power BI and any other SQL-based BI tool out there. You can also use the Ento connection directly in Excel through the built-in PowerQuery engine.

Want to learn more about our BI connection?

We are ready to talk. You can call +45 3939 3118 or E-mail You are also welcome to fill out the form below – and we will contact you within a day.