Energy optimization with artifical intelligence

Energy optimization with artifical intelligence

Here is the (digital) energy assistant you didn’t know you were missing.

  • Overview of your buildings’ energy consumption
  • Prioritized list of potential energy savings
  • Continuously document and verify your energy optimization efforts

No need for additional hardware! We use data from your main meter – provided directly by the utility company.

We simplify complex data into comprehensive insights

You already have huge amounts of consumption data from your buildings. Ento’s AI collects all the data, analyses it and comes up with concrete suggestions. So you can start saving energy right away.

Did you know that you can integrate your consumption data into our platform for free? Click here to get started.

Artificial intelligence makes data-driven energy management applicable

Artificial intelligence helps cut down on man-hours as you avoid manually analyzing large amount of data – this is what artificial intelligence does for you. By this, you are up and running faster and more efficiently, letting Ento’s platform do the initial analysis for you.

With more than 230,000 m² of properties, Holstebro municipality is experiencing the benefits of Ento’s AI:

The fact that analysis and data processing take up so little time means that we can focus our energy on the buildings. Time is spent on what creates value! We have become much more efficient and Ento Labs can verify whether our work results in measurable energy savings.

Thøger Niels Pørtner
Project leader of Fælles Ejendomscenter

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Ento Labs gives you a digital assistant specialising in energy optimisation

Energy optimisation requires full focus at all times! That’s why we’ve developed an artificial intelligence that can do much of the manual work for you. Our “digital assistant” helps you identify potential energy savings in your buildings, so you can make the right decisions and prioritize actions based on your individual energy consumption.

Our platform works with all energy sources; electricity, water, and heating. We’re constantly developing our artificial intelligence to provide you with the best insights. We already have several digital assistants available and will add more in the future.


A branch of Arbejdernes Landesbank spent 67% less on energy by optimizing and thus reducing its consumption with artifical intelligence. More in our case study.

Read about the case here.

Automated documentation of your energy savings

Our artificial intelligence identifies each building’s consumption pattern. This allows us to alert you when consumption increases inappropriately in any of the properties. It’s the same method we use when helping professionals document energy savings achieved.

On our platform you can record measures you have taken to reduce energy consumption. The digital assistant then monitors whether the consumption in the building is decreasing as intended, and notifies you when enough data has been collected to document the energy savings.

5 myths we may as well debunk!

We often meet building owners and energy managers who challenge the use of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is typically associated with complex systems and algorithms that take a long time to deploy. In the following, we want to address some of those concerns. After all, artificial intelligence was created to do the opposite: make everyday life easier. With artificial intelligence, the time between insight and action is much shorter.

Artificial Intelligence requires a lot of data – but not from you!

It’s true that artificial intelligence requires a lot of data, but the vast majority of that data doesn’t have to be provided by you. It’s not your time that should be spent calculating the buildings’ energy consumption. Our artificial intelligence works primarily with data from the master meter and combines this data with other important sources of insight such as building data, weather data, opening hours, etc. It is through all these data sources that, taken together, our virtual advisor gains knowledge about your properties’ energy consumption and can make recommendations for how to save energy in the future.

We use automatic integrations for all these datasets, so all you have to do is register your buildings in the Ento Labs platform. And our artificial intelligence will do the rest.

Artificial Intelligence does not rely on an EMS and can easily be used on its own.

Our artificial intelligence does not rely on an energy management system (EMS). On the contrary, artificial intelligence can make the data from your EMS more intelligent, so you can focus on the energy savings that give you the biggest bang for your buck. Plus, our virtual advisor helps you measure the impact of your improvements so you can efficiently and effectively document energy savings.

You therefore do not need an EMS to use our virtual energy advisor. Actually, the vast majority of our customers do not have an EMS and solely work with our Virtual Energy Advisor and data directly from the utilities.

Artificial intelligence and sub-meters?
Very large buildings can benefit from installing sub-meters to measure the consumption of individual systems, for instance, cooling and ventilation systems. That’s why our artificial intelligence also supports analysis of data from sub-meters. This enables us to provide tailored advice on each technical installation.
Artificial Intelligence is an advantage if you have limited resources

Many people think that it’s complicated to get started with artificial intelligence, however, it’s actually quite the opposite. Once you’ve registered your buildings, you can view their consumption data over time. We’ll help you understand the data and identify savings directly in the system. Within days, you can start taking actions towards reducing energy consumption.

If you are the only one in charge of energy management, you can use our artificial intelligence as your assistant. This way you can easily keep track of the optimizations. If you want to involve external professionals to carry out the necessary adjustments, all or selected buildings can be accessed by them via the platform. And you will be able to see afterwards if the measures have resulted in the desired effect.

Is it expensive?

Contact us, we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 😉

Shall we look at your possibilities to reduce energy consumption with AI?

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