The founding team

Henrik Brink, CEO

Co-founded and exited ML startup to General Electric in Silicon Valley. ML researcher at UC Berkeley.

Bo Tranberg, COO

PhD in power system modeling and energy finance, data scientist and consultant. Danske Commodities, Siemens Gamesa.

Malte Frederiksen, CCO

Bizdev and sales advisor for large corporations and SaaS startups in energy and IoT. Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley.

Kasper Bjørn Nielsen, CTO

Highly experienced lead software developer and machine learning engineer. General Electric, Siemens Gamesa.

Our Mission: Empower everyone to consume energy intelligently

Energy efficiency and renewable energy production have been identified as the most effective methods for lowering greenhouse gas emisions, which is essential in order to limit global warming and the current climate crisis.

So what is holding us back? Mapping your energy and climate performance, and finding potential optimizations, is currently a slow, expensive and error-prone process. The aim of our technology is to completely remove this barrier — there shouldn't be a building in the world that is not covered by continuous, data-driven energy and climate performance audits.

We're a team of entrepeneurs, scientists and experts in machine learning and energy that are deeply passionate about building technology to help accelerate the sustainable energy transition. If you feel the same way, we'd love to hear from you!

Some of our partners and supporters

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